Bathroom battle of the sexes: Am I the “winner?”

My husband thinks I have too much stuff in the bathroom.

Nonsense, I say. I use and need all those things. And besides, you can still use the shower safely, and find the sink without worry. If it was too much stuff, usage would be an issue, right?

But because I use a lot of health and beauty products (and in case you are wondering, I buy them cheap or get them free; I even write about being frugal), I admit I do lose track of the numbers.

So I took stock of things today while cleaning the bathroom. Here’s how the shower stall stacks up:

  • Him: one bar of soap, one bottle of shampoo, wash cloth.
  • Me: Two bottles of shampoo, two bottles of conditioner (one set for days I swim and one set for days I don’t), one bar of soap, one body wash, two razors, shave cream, wash cloth, loofah and a body lotion mixed with water to get the very last of it out of the container (did I tell you I was frugal?)

And as for our sink area:

  • Him: two toothbrushes, toothpaste, two types of mouthwash, aftershave, sunblock, grooming scissors, brush and comb.
  • Me: toothbrush, toothpaste, two types of mouthwash, three kinds of hair product (one to apply before blow drying and two for after), two facial cleaners, four moisturizers (one for daytime, two for nighttime and one for the eyes), sunblock and a makeup caddy with shadows, brushes, pencils, foundation, sponges, cotton, tweezers, mascara and blush.

And that doesn’t count what’s hidden in the bathroom drawers. His has just a bit more empty space than mine.

And don’t ask me about the collection of hand and body creams on my nightstand. If it’s not in the bathroom, it doesn’t count.

I don’t think my collection is excessive. I use everything to the bottom-scraping end, even cutting open tubes to get at the last bit. I use everything mentioned on a daily basis.  

But is he right, is it too much? Am I part of the middle-age Product Posse, fighting the inevitable arrival of the day when I look in the mirror and think, “My God, I look like the worst of both my parents”?  Or am I justifiably high-maintenance, doing what needs to be done at my age to maintain a healthy appearance?

I will keep my lotions and creams for now, and maintain my lead in the Bathroom Battle of the Sexes. But winning comes at a price. My husband does not mind doing housework, but he will not go near the bathrooms. He claims he does not want to “mess up” my things. Oh, sure. Sore loser.





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