Life was a bad video game today

I admit I am a complete loser when it comes to current digital game technology. I grew up in the era of pinball, Pong and Super Mario, and my game-playing days pretty much ended after high school. Not for lack of available options; more due to lack of time.

But today felt like one of those endless Pong games, when you and a friend would watch the little white dot bounce back and forth on the screen. Or like a pinball that keeps hitting the low-scoring bumpers, yet you refuse to let go of so you can start with a new ball. I left work early with good intentions: get to the eye doctor, the community center, grocery store, drug store and home. The basic components of dinner were already prepared and waiting, so what could go wrong?

Try traffic, miscommunication with the doctor’s people, other people leaving their store early and closing up for the day, and traffic.

Days like this make me wish I could train my better half to do a little more around the house. OK, a lot more, like maybe everything.

Days like this make me wish other people listened to me. Or actually stayed at their jobs until the quitting time posted on their doors.

Days like this make me wonder why all these people are on the road at the same time I am. Is it really necessary?

Days like this make that Fresca-and-vodka-over-ice taste really good.

Days like this make me work harder towards my goal: writing better, working towards My Next Life, and the opportunity to call my own shots. It’s easy to stay off track when you get sidetracked by life’s potshots and potholes. You have to remember to duck one, jump over the other – and run like heck with a sense of humor.


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