What’s so Difficult About a Day Off?

I have a day off coming up. It’s already full of stuff to do. And that’s a little scary.

I am participating in the local version of the Senior Olympics in the morning, with a lot of housework, some freelance writing and a manicure later in the day. Oh, and some “husband time” squeezed in there, too. Dinner on the grill, some wine and time to breathe midweek.

I know downtime matters. If we don’t stop to consider how much we have accomplished, we tend to get overwhelmed by how much is left to do. It gets even tougher to find that time when you work an unconventional schedule, or you do freelance work, and don’t always know when you will be under or overwhelmed. You’re forever dancing around life’s emergencies, other peoples’ expectations and needs and your own hope of finding a life that’s balanced.

I’m still looking for balance, but meanwhile, I am grateful for the amount of freelance, the husband helping out and the friends who support what I do. I’m getting more requests to write, and the money is increasing. I am finding mentors who get what I’m doing. Housework has suffered a bit, but the husband has learned the fine art of vacuuming and trash disposal, though his bathroom maintenance skills need refining. The move towards a new life is not easy. I’ve gotten stuck, stopped, delayed, waylaid and derailed on the way. As long as the desired end is still in sight, things are still on track. I need to remember to jump off the manic-mobile every so often and enjoy a day of nothing, or at least not much. Appreciate what’s been done so far, and recharge. Oh, and if you have some extra time, I have a house that needs cleaning…


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