Finding new passion when the page gets blurry

Life is starting to get weary, between the freelancing and the real world stuff.

No drugs or alcohol involved, just too much going on. Even my best attempts at organization are starting to get me behind.

What do I do now? Find a new method, keep adding onto the work pile, start using some sick/vacation time?

Fortunately, I found a bit of a savior, courtesy of Donna Freedman, my old friend and blogger.  She put me in contact with Becky Blanton, a photographer and writer whose real life job of journalist pays the bills, but whose passion for traveling, recording events and just plain living stands out in every post on her site. She goes everywhere, writes about anything that appeals to her, and backs down from absolutely nothing. If I were running a newspaper, I’d hire her in a second. If I were having a party, I’d invite her first. She sounds like someone who can either clear a room or entertain everyone in it.

Most of all, what stands out about her is passion. She’s won plenty of awards, but does not live or die by them. She’s in demand as a speaker and marketing strategist, but does not blow her own horn about it (plenty of other people have no problem doing so, however). You get the sense that given a tantalizing lead, or a few bits of information, she’s packed and outta here-there-wherever in five minutes and in pursuit. As she puts it, she’s doing what she wants NOW, not when life becomes perfect or when the stars align.

Take a look at her website. Tell me if it doesn’t inspire you the way it inspired me.


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