When Anger and Exhaustion are Not Enough: What Finally Makes You Go?

As many of you know, I work two jobs. One that takes care of health insurance and a few other necessities, like gas and groceries, and another that I love. The one I love is the one I am doing as I sit here and write about it.

I often sit at my “real” job and wonder what it will take to get me to finally say, “I’m done, and I’m moving on.” I recently wrote a story about how to get ready for that moment¬†in terms of finances, paying off debt and getting your tax issues in order. But dealing with the emotional ramifications is another story. How tired do I need to be, from juggling so much work? How much frustration should I allow in my “regular” job before I hit my point of no return? How much time away from family and friends is “right” before it is wrong?

There are so many books and articles, blogs and columns devoted to following your passion and doing the work you were meant to do, and somehow, the notion of supporting yourself gets skimmed over. Reading what some of these gurus/career coaches/experts have to say reminds me of watching That Girl as a kid, and marveling at how cool Marlo Thomas’ character was, with the awesome apartment and hip wardrobe, funded by less-than-steady employment. Their¬†presentations look good and sound¬†achievable, but what happens when high ideals meet gritty reality?

I guess the answer is: I am what happens. As I said to a friend earlier today, we get pounded, pummeled and pushed every day. Somehow, we find it in ourselves to make the necessary repairs and keep going as long as we have to. Until that final time, when we say no more. What about you? Have you ever walked out and walked on to something else? What made you finally cut and run?


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