Wait…life is over at WHAT age!?!?

I overheard an interesting conversation at the pool locker room this morning. I could not see the speakers, but I could hear them clearly. They were discussing what the men in their lives had to say about women and age.

According to the men they know, women go downhill after age 36.

Oh, dear. Do tell.

I am over 50, so thinking in that direction, I am not merely going downhill, I have hit the bottom of the mineshaft, never to be seen again.


I’ll concede that things change as we get older. The obvious stuff, like loss of hair color, flexibility, skin tone, muscle strength. The subtle losses, like brain cells, and with that, the ability to recall tiny details, concentrate for long periods, or remember what we were looking for in the bedroom closet. But downhill after age 36? On the contrary, some things get better. We’ve lived, loved, laughed, cried and experienced more. The physical body may not look as good as we want, but it still gets what it wants, and sex does get better with time.

 As we age, older people we love get even older, and in turn, bring us new experiences. Even as age and illness claim them, we learn, and we become them, the elders, the folks the youngsters come to and ask, “What was it like when…?”

My life at age 36 was not all that stellar. I was married only a few years at that time, still struggling with who I was and what I wanted to do. It’s taken hard work and mistakes to figure out what’s next. Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs, and no woman is downhill and done in her mid-thirties. If you find one who is, let her alone for a few years and rediscover her. Trust me on this.


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