When payments add up to a paycheck

The freelance “To Do” board is looking good at the moment, with plenty of ideas and upcoming columns and stories to write. There’s not a lot of free time in my day; in fact, my calendar is booked pretty solid through the end of March. And we’re not talking about any kind of social life.

Letting go of an unhappy assignment from last year has certainly opened up a few things for me; not so much in terms of more work, but more varied work. I am looking at writing opportunities that I would not have considered before December.

But the bottom line is the bottom line: are the numbers starting to add up? At what point do the payments begin to come together and look something like a paycheck? What happens if I am mentally ready to move on, but the bank account says, “Nope, just stay in that cubicle?”

Anyone who has stood between the fantasy of doing what they love (and believing with all their heart that the money really will follow) and the reality that without steady work, reality turns ugly, understands this mental fencing exercise.

 I had the opportunity to exchange emails with Shevonne Polastre, who, along with her partner Alexander,  has a new blog about one of my favorite places, Washington D.C. The blog, http://wherethegirlsgo.com, is a look at everything the District has to offer, from an alternative viewpoint. A very sharp-looking blog, it’s informative and readable, and most important, friendly to any and all who want to take a look at it.

What I really enjoy about the blog is the committment Shevonne and Alexander have, along with the desire to present the rarely seen side of a well-known city.  They plunge in, honest and straightforward, with their stories about gay life in the nation’s capitol, as well as features that have nothing to do with gay issues.  

Frankly, I think they have guts. And even in 2011, a blog such as theirs could invite less than favorable comment and/or reaction. I admire what they are doing, and I wish them well, as they have wished me well. I want to display the same kind of fearlessness they do, and keep working towards a paycheck in My Next Life.


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