Spreadsheet madness and happy to be there

From a very small beginning – this personal blog – things have been growing and getting busier. I have been writing regularly for Examiner. com, several sites on America On Line (health, beauty, fashion, travel), Suite 101 and a new publication, Senior Focus, for active folks over age 50. It’s gotten to the point where I have a spreadsheet listing my publications, and a jumbo write on/wipe board  to keep track of what’s due when.

Madness? Yes.

Happy about it? Do you really have to ask?

A year ago, I was wondering if I would ever have any semblance of making it in the writing world. I thought my musings on this blog might be all there was as far as a next life was concerned. Turns out I was wrong. People want me to do this, and they want to pay me. Not a lot of money, but enough to keep me coming back and sending them more. I’m also in a regular habit of reading other professionals’ work, to find out how to say things better, simpler, yet with more punch.

My recent vacation provided a wealth of material for all of my sites, so I will have plenty to add to the spreadsheet and keep the board full. I know some people get lucky and hit it big their first time out in the writing world. I also know that such a circumstance is a rare as a finding a diamond in the city dump. I’m fine with hitting it small-to-medium, as long as I am consistent. And the Paypal “checks” keep coming.


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