Making vacation pay, and having fun doing it

I am a reader and participant on a well-known money/finance board, hosted by a well-known search engine (sorry I cannot advertise for them, but then,  their out-of-this-world-wealthy, Washington State-based chairman does not need the help). I read many stories every day, from posters who are broke, desperate and have no idea how to make extra money to make ends meet or pay off credit cards. Sometimes they want real help to dig out of their hole, sometimes they want to vent and rant about how life is not fair, and sometimes they just whine.

These posts are like the proverbial bad train wreck – you know you should not look, but the sheer gall of some of the complaints is amazing. There is a thread that has over 1,100 post for one woman who simply cannot, absolutely will not, refuses to consider making any changes to her lifestyle, even though her income cannot support it. She has shot down every suggestion and piece of advice, and does not understand why she cannot get more government help than she already has.

My question from all this: why is fixing one’s financial life so hard for some people? And instead of finding ways not to increase income/decrease spending, why not do both and actually make it fun? We’re taking some time to travel, and I plan to put the time to good use, both relaxing and writing for profit. We’ll have some good meals, but we will also save by picnicking and having a good breakfast at the hotels. We will use public transportation (save wear and tear on our own vehicle, not to mention parking fees), and find fun, inexpensive, offbeat things to do, rather than going to the normal tourist traps.

There’s always a way to make the financial picture look better, whether it’s cutting back or adding funds. The freelance money will give us some extra to spend (if we choose), while still adding to savings. I don’t understand the whiners and ranters; their noise drowns out the obvious: if you sit there and cry about where you’re at, it means you’re not moving in a positive direction.


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