OK, another one sold; now it’s serious

They like me; they really like me.

Not a big bag of money’s worth of like me, but enough to purchase a third article. AOL has bought two travel pieces, and Stylelist has bought one. All this in a month’s time. I’ve gone from blogger and self-styled columnist to legitimate published (online) author. This is fun. It must be fun. I write on my days off. I am typing this over the Labor Day weekend, when most people are enjoying charred meats or sitting in front of the TV, watching football.

My friend Donna Freedman has said that for her, writing is an everyday experience. Her skills stay sharp and her mind stays focused when she puts words on the screen daily. Even in difficult economic and personal times (and she has certainly had her share of both), her words have served to help put food on her own table (she is a single mother of a now-grown daughter), supplement her income from a variety of other jobs, and for her legion of fans and followers, taught them to rethink their relationship with money: spending, saving and how to live frugally and actually enjoy it.

At the moment, I don’t think my words have the impact that Donna’s work does. Nor do I write for the same reasons that she does. But like Donna, I want to reach an audience, bring a message, share information and gain knowledge in return. Oh, and the extra money in the Next Life fund isn’t so bad, either.


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