I’m a published writer – in the big time!

It happened.

A major Internet service/media company bought one of my stories to use on their site.

They actually paid me for an hour of my time and about 1,000 of my original words. I’m still in shock after a week. Not only about the sale, but the fact that the article was on a topic rather outside my comfort zone.

The topic was kids and vacation, and what you would do with a young child on one day in my town. I never had children, and I rarely vacation anywhere, let alone my own town. But I do know my county well, and heck, I am a pretty good aunt to the four girls and a boy my brothers and their wives have produced. So I took an imaginary day around town, imaginary young ‘un in hand, and showed the imaginary child a pretty good time, I thought. The editors were sufficiently convinced of my knowledge to purchase and publish my missive.

Of course, I’m thrilled, but it’s not about the money. It’s the recognition that someone appreciates what I am doing enough to say, “We like your writing.” And since my usual practice is to write about food-related subjects, this piece was way outside my comfort zone. And of course, both the money and the chance to practice the craft keep bringing me one step closer to My Next Life.


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