Some days, you just need to eat butter

No, not channeling Paula Deen or anything. Just thinking in terms of comfort food. Mac and cheese would work pretty well right about now, too.

Just  when I think I can maybe, possibly get on the road to doing what I want, it looks like I will have to keep doing what I need.

My beloved car may be headed for the parking lot in the sky. A breakdown on the interstate yesterday has led to an appointment with a mechanic tomorrow. The husband spent the day under the hood, and says it does not look bad, just expensive. A blown or cracked head gasket. I don’t need to know what or where that is to know that it has dollar signs attached. Maybe too many to make it worthwhile. Hence, another vehicle.

I have some cash saved, and can get more. It’s not that. But that was money for My Next Life, you see. I wanted to do what I wanted, not what I needed to do, with that money.

Of course, this is not the worst heartbreak in this story. Bill, the nice man who towed my car home, was an out-of-work land surveyor, towing cars at any and all hours to keep food on the table and the mortgage paid. I have plenty of food on hand in the pantry, and no mortgage. I don’t have to make that awful decision about selling stuff to finance other stuff.

I’m not happy about the possibly of dumping money into or ending my relationship with my 10-year-old Mazda, but I know what other people are facing in this country. I know lots of people do without the basics, and make tough decisions every day. Bill the tow truck operator did, and had a sense of humor and great courtesy on the entire drive to my house. If he can find that kind of grace, so can I.

An on an earlier post: our swimming group did save our pool. Our county commission voted 7-0 to leave all the pools open, and cut no programs. Amazing what the power of a single voice can do when it gets together with other single voices and refuses to go away.  



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2 responses to “Some days, you just need to eat butter

  1. Cam

    Amen and thank you.

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