I finally “Facebooked” – and I have friends!

Who knew?

OK, they are real friends (as in people I know and see on at least a somewhat regular basis), and they “friended” me first, (they may be doing that to put some writing on their walls), but hey, I feel like I finally hit the 21st century – and it did not hit back, for a change.

Using social media will certainly help my Next Life cause: I can get the message out about my writing and reviewing, tell folks about the chocolate website, and spend quality time (as opposed to quantities of time) staying in contact with friends.  I’m not out there looking for lost loves (I never lost any, but I did chase away a few) or scores of barely known acquaintances to “friend” in a desperate attempt to show how many people I can corral onto my wall. I do need to adapt and embrace whatever is available that will get me to the next place I want to be. Here’s how I look at it: if new and improved technology is good in my kitchen, and good in the garage (at least, that’s what the husband says when he heads for Lowe’s), then it’s good for my Next Life.


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