Website woes and the magic pull of the Luddites

Sometimes, I think I will never get the hang of modern technology.

Then again, it’s not easy for someone who grew up with rotary phones, half a dozen TV stations, and the sit-down-together-as-a-family dinner to absorb the constant barrage of new gadgets, software and communication options, let alone learn how to use any of it. I’m admit to being a Luddite at heart. I like the idea of anything shabby, old, antique, vintage, well-worn and used.  

The term “Luddite” comes from the early 19th century, when rebellious British workers destroyed mechanized looms in textile factories, believing the machines took away jobs from people. The word is now applied to those who believe in the simple, non-technology, non-mechanized way of doing things. Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate and realize that without modern medicine, equipment, communication, and so on, much of what have accomplished would not be possible. But so much changes so fast. I need a “Technology for Real Dummies” guide, and I need a new version of it every week.

Despite my lamenting and lack of knowledge, I finally got my new chocolate website up and running: is on my web designer’s test site at the moment. Take a look and let me know what you think. I don’t profess to be the best at understanding all the technical aspects of what makes a site great. I knew what I wanted, and my friend Krys Dean got it done. Thanks to my friend Donna Freedman, MSN Money columnist and proud blogger of “Surviving and Thriving” at for posting her comments about my blog here. Every little bit helps, folks. It’s a lot like the change I save every day, and toss into the big jar. A few pennies and dimes each week seems ridiculous, until I count it up at the end of the year. A little help from my friends here and there adds up the same way.


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