When real life meets the “Hallmark world” – and runs over it

I think I have stared at enough want ads, Craigslist entries, Tweetjobs,  dotcomwhateverjob boards, that I am getting to be pretty savvy when it comes to reading between their lines.

I’m also getting pretty tired.

But that’s part of the territory. I knew that when I started this quest to move on in life, and do what I really wanted to do. While I consider myself fortunate to be working, earning and saving when so many others are not, I start to get a little envious when I read or see stories about  people who have found their employment Nirvana: working their own hours, out of the cozy little home office, going on vacation whenever they choose, meeting friends and clients in that quaint local coffee shop, doing business over fussy coffee drinks and using  expensive Macbooks and IPhones.

The brain cells of mine that are tuned into reality remind me that this is the Hallmark version of the work-at-home world. You never hear about the piddling little things that can intrude on this idealized work scenario, like health care costs, paying the electric bill, text bill or affording day care. When I read these stories, part of me wants to  just wants to go to my room, close the door and live in a greeting card world. The other part of me wants to choke the reporter/writer.

I have the chance to add yet another job to my life: A new caterer has come to town and offered me an interview. Nothing steady, certainly nothing to make me rich. But more money to feed the someday fund that will feed my next life. It may even give me  time to spend in my cozy little home office, writing more, blogging more, doing more food reviews. It ain’t exactly the Hallmark version, but it’s my next life.


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