Writing, cooking, a website, a real job….WTF?

Who knew having three (soon to be four) jobs could be so…fulfilling?

Mind you, the husband has none. Unless you count “retired” as a job.

Besides the standard nine-to-five job, I have this (admittedly neglected) blog. I still cook and cater for money when I can. And now, a website is coming. It will be all about my favorite food group: chocolate.

No recipes, no discussions about chocolate-based desserts,  cocktails or beauty products. This will be all about the pursuit and pleasure of eating the good stuff: high-quality, mostly imported products. Alas, much of what has been manufactured in this country is not up to true chocophile standards. This website, and the society it represents, will try to stem the rising tide of three-for-a-buck, fast-fix candy bars masquerading as chocolate. I hope to attract others who want to taste, talk and share their views.

A good friend and software guru is putting the site together at this moment; it is nearly done. Stay tuned. Who says I cannot add one more job to my day?


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