It’s been awhile, and I have food news

I get to write about writing about food.

Sounds a little confusing, I know.

But a lot has been going on, with family and other issues. I’m trying to move on towards my next life, and as I have said before, the path is hardly a straight line. So I signed up to write about food, since working with food is not yet in the realm of possibility. I am writing for, an online publisher, as their foodie writer in the local community. Not a bad thing. I get to seek out the new and unusual, the hard-to-locate and worth-the-trip places around town, eat and write about them. I can even link this blog to my publishing site.

 I have also been fortunate to find a new venture in town – an incubation kitchen. It’s a place designed to help small caterers and cooks start their food business or expand what they have, by providing space and materials for rent, rather than purchasing all the hardware. It is a startup business by two chefs, and I hope they make a go of it. I may need them for my next life.


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