One door closes, and another opens…a little

So much for the opportunity to work part-time on the weekends, learning about the food business and making some money.

The job fell through.

It might be just as well. The company running the place where I was to work is in financial trouble; they are being sued in two counties by unpaid contractors, and they are way behind on their site work. I would have hated myself for taking the job, then working and not getting paid.

But as they say, when one door closes, it means another one opens. Sometimes, the opening is a small one.  In this case, it is a small freelance writing and research job I found through Elance. Not a bad thing: I get to work at leisure, in my air conditioned home office. It does not pay as well, and it is not about food. The person I will be assisting does public relations for the health, wellness and fitness industry. It pays less than the food-service job would have. But it is still a little more cash to stash for My Next Life, and that’s how I have to view the situation.

Meanwhile, I plan to revive my dormant chocolate website as my next project. I originally planned to have a dues-paying chocolate club, modeled after one in Berkeley, CA. Given the current economy, I’m not sure people are willing to invest in the relatively small, yet expensive indugence of good quality chocolate. But I plan to take my chances, redo the site and get some advertising on it to help my bank account. What is there to lose? Since one door closed, and another has opened a little, I might as well kick the open door off its hinges before the opportunity to walk through disappears.


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