$400.00 and nowhere to spend it(!?)

Next month, I have some extra money in my budget. These days, extra money is a blessing, regardless of the amount, and for many people, it matters far less how you get it than the fact that you found some. What to do with it? Put it in my (dwindling, at least on paper) retirement savings, or put it into my online savings, or into my brick-and-mortar savings account. Or do I have some fun, and just spend it?

Why not spend it? I have the relative security of a good job, savings, pensions, retirement funds, and maybe Social Security to look forward to in the future. The scrimping and couponing, scanning the ads and tweaking the budget, is getting tiring. I’ve done a good job, haven’t I? Don’t I deserve a break, a little fun?

Have I? Do I?

What do you do to keep your someday dream going? I admit mine is starting to look like a favorite old book: a little ragged on the edges; the cover beginning to fall off and the binding getting looser as I keep opening its pages and staring at them, wondering if and when I can start living there. Every now and then I get a small opportunity to go there – cater a party, design and bake a cake – and the satisfaction I get lasts for days. Then I read the paper or listen to the news, and the economic statistics turn my dream into a fairy tale.

That extra $400.00 each month can do and buy a lot of things that provide a quick happy fix. But  if I consider each item, each purchase one at a time, I can see the fix for what it is: immediate gratification.  A better, long-term fix: the money can go into the someday fund, for My Next Life. That should provide some much-needed repairs for my book of dreams.


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