Just going for it (at $10 an hour)

I got a “food interview” today.

After several months of looking, I landed an interview with a food service operation at our local race track. Not the sweet job with the fancy, high-end establishment I’ve dreamed about. But a good start at the short-order end of things – literally. Burgers, dogs, turkey legs and so on. Long hours, two weekends a month, $10 an hour. More money in my Next Life fund, and more important, short order cooking experience. Face-to-face customer experience. I’m a little nervous, working with the kids. The manager seemed happy to have someone “mature” come in for an interview. He has enough teenagers he cannot depend on, he says. He looks at my food experience, plus my “real world” career, and he sees someone who has a consistent employment record, varied (if unconventional) food service experience and is way past the goof-off stage. He will speak to his boss, and if all goes well, I will know in a day or two for certain.

I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Employment as a food service worker, even at the lowest level, does not bother me. If I had to enter my current field at a similar low level, I would not even bother. Why the difference? Perhaps it’s because I will be doing something I love, and the money will go towards a cause that does not involve paying off stupidly incurred debt. The bottom line for me: I like working with and around food. It speaks to me, but you don’t get any arguments from it. Take a few ingredients: you can play with them, mold them, tease them, combine them so many different ways, and get a different result each time. My idea of a “real” theme park: a walk through a newly discovered food market. The difference: no admission price, and no purchase necessary, but who am I kidding? I’m going to taste, smell, touch, buy  –  and discover.

If all goes well, I will get that job. And although I will take it seriously, as I do any job, I will have fun as I learn. It’s my first step into my own personal food world theme park.


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