Is “balance” a four-letter word?

The phrase “How to Balance Your Life” occurs almost  24,000 times on the Internet. That number includes e-zines, e-articles, CDs, DVDs, websites, blogs, classes, drugs, herbs, potions, vacation getaways, body treatments and anything else that can be sold as a possible panacea for our too-busy-to-get-it-done-in-a-day lifestyle.

How have you found balance? Do you get out of the house and shop, spend a little money (at least it balances the economy). Are you getting rid of clutter, downsizing your life to the subsistence level of a monk? Is the path to balance a short hop? A long, tortured climb? Or is it a road with a lot of interesting detours?

I cannot say that the path to my next life is or has been a smooth one. So far, it’s been a  twisted, rutted and bumpy ride, with a slick spot or two. I’ve even spotted a few trolls at the bridges. But every now and then, there’s a clearing, where I get to stop, sit and watch the world peacefully. Tonight was one of those nights. I came home from work and fixed a simple meat and potatoes dinner on the grill. My husband and I had some wine, and we sat on the patio for a full hour, enjoying the meal, the sound of the birds and the streaked sky at sunset.

It’s three hours later. I’ve done two loads of laundry, a load of dishes, baked a batch of brownies for a charity dinner tomorrow, tidied the bathrooms, fixed husband’s dinner for tomorrow…what happened to balance? That was three hours ago. Blink and you miss it. The truth is, you rarely find it when you actively looking for it. Enjoy it when it presents itself.


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