Family, friends and finances

No, it isn’t a new service offered one of the myriad of telecommunication providers.  It’s my personal circle, or triangle, if you will, of what matters most when I think of what is to come as I plan the future.

There’s family: my mother, who recently celebrated a milestone birthday (and she’d kill me if I told you which one. Suffice to say she is very, very mature). A woman who has never offered advice unless asked, never offered criticism, period and offers unconditional love and support always. I did not ask her permission to take the next step into my next life, but I did ask her blessing. Of course, she gave that blessing.

My two brothers: hard-working, both married. Jobs, mortgages, five children between them (four of them still under the age of 11, and only one done with college) and the usual worries about budgets, car and home repairs, job security and groceries.

My husband: retired now, but employed from age 18 to age 64 1/2, and had only three jobs in that entire time: serving his country in the Air Force during the Vietnam War and working at two different aircraft parts manufacturing plants. A clean, well-lived life, doing what he loved. He has put up with me for almost 17 years.

Then there are friends: a wild and varied crew of retirees, auto mechanics, property managers, artists, white-collar professionals. Nearly all are auto racing enthusiasts. They watch races, own race cars, fix race cars, work at the track, and/or drive race cars. All of them have eaten my food, come to parties I have given or catered, and encouraged me to approach the business of food as a profession, not just a hobby.

Then there is finance: back to the hardcore of yesterday’s post. My friends and family say they would gladly offer funds. Some of them actually have the money.  I would not take it, though. I do not want to owe them anything other than good food and good times. It’s nice to know I can depend on them if I need to. But I want this to be my responsibility, and whether it succeeds or fails, I want to be the underwriter of my own financial bottom line.


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